3 Tricks to Teach Your Goldendoodle Puppy!

Well taught Goldendoodle Puppy Sitting on a yellow school chair

When you bring a Goldilock’s puppy home, they’ll already have a head start on life with potty training and socialization and will need their owner’s touch of training to really be a companion! Of course, you’ll cover the basics of Sit, Stay, and Roll Over in time with treats and positive reinforcement in hand. However, […]

Raising a Happy & Healthy Goldendoodle

Happy & Healthy Goldendoodle playing on car seat.

It doesn’t take much to convince us that making a Goldendoodle part of the family is one of the best decisions you can make! As a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, this dog is one of the most intelligent, eager-to-please breeds out there. Long story short, they’re a loving companion who thrives […]

What People Have to Say About Goldilock’s

Combine our dedication to good customer service with our unshakeable love for Goldendoodles, and you get the best of the best here at Goldilock’s! Family after family, puppy after puppy, we know what it means to have a smooth, pleasant adoption experience. As a matter of fact, we’ve been rated five stars by families all […]

Merry Christmas From Us to You!

The holidays are always a special time here at Goldilock’s Goldendoodles, because more than likely, we have puppies leaving our care for their forever homes! Families across Texas and the United States have brought the gift of a new companion into their homes for the holidays since the start of Goldilock’s Goldendoodles. What can we […]

A Lifetime of Support from Goldilock’s!

Not only do we love keeping in touch with families who have taken home a Goldilock’s puppy, but we love providing a LIFETIME of support for them as well! Not sure which command to train next? Curious about health issues or hypoallergenic concerns? That’s what we’re here for! How We Help For Your Puppy’s Lifetime […]

Giving Thanks to Our Clients!

Goldilock’s Goldendoodles puppy posing with pumpkin

Here at Goldilock’s Goldendoodles, we always aim to show appreciation for you when choosing a puppy from us. In addition to our standard health awareness, financing, and preparation for your Goldendoodle, we offer various services to support you in the transition into owning a new forever friend! Keep reading to learn more! #1: Our Discounts! […]

How Goldilock’s Sets the Doodle Standard

Goldilock's Sets the Doodle Standard

Here at Goldilock’s Goldendoodles, we pride ourselves on our love for matching families with a forever friend, especially a friend as adorable and loving as a Goldendoodle! In case you need a refresher, we’ve broken down all we offer for you and your puppy when you adopt from Goldilock’s. Keep reading to learn more! Goldendoodle […]

4 Commands to Start Training Your Goldendoodle Puppy

Start Training Your Goldendoodle Puppy

As a new Goldendoodle owner, one of the most important things to take on (in addition to their potty training, grooming, and diet schedule) is your puppy’s training! Bustling with energy and a newfound sense of joy and companionship, your dog should be taught the basics early in life so it sticks as the years […]

Choosing the Right Goldendoodle for Your Home

Take it from us: There is no other breed as loveable, adorable, and perfect for a caring family than a Goldendoodle! One of the most notable characteristics of a Goldendoodle is how allergy-friendly they are. While making the moves to bring a Goldendoodle home, you will most likely see labels and terminology that are used […]

How to Be A Successful First-Time Dog Owner

First-Time Owner's Goldendoodle Puppy Walking in Garden

Being a first-time dog owner is worth celebrating, but also something to really prepare for! As exciting as it may seem, the job can feel daunting even before the puppy is home, so we’ve broken down how to be successful as a first-time dog owner in 5 easy steps! Read on for more! 1. Be […]