How to Be A Successful First-Time Dog Owner

Being a first-time dog owner is worth celebrating, but also something to really prepare for! As exciting as it may seem, the job can feel daunting even before the puppy is home, so we’ve broken down how to be successful as a first-time dog owner in 5 easy steps! Read on for more!

1. Be Prepared With The Necessities

Toys, food, kennel, sleeping bed… the list can seem endless when it comes to what you’ll need to care for your first dog for the first few days. However, other necessities to consider are pet-proofing your home before the new recruit arrives! Remove any items that are potential hazards (aka chewable) from the main area the dog will be residing in, and keep in mind your pet’s up-to-date medical history and if any special needs need to be met.

This is what we provide if you get a puppy from us at Goldilock’s Goldendoodles: Our puppies come with a one-year genetic health guarantee, microchip, heartworm medicine, flea/tick medication, up to date on shots & dewormer, and we supply a puppy pack of supplies including a dog bed, food bowl, dog food, treats, toys, leash, collar, pee pads & a Snuggle Puppy for anxiety. We also offer financing on all of our puppies as well! 

2. Be Patient With The Training

Patience is a virtue that definitely has to be maintained while training your new dog! Potty training is a whole ballpark that we cover here, but actively training your dog with basic one-word commands and interaction with the family means a good, socialized dog will come out of it! This is the time to not let bad habits become second nature, so staying strict on your end – with plenty of positive reinforcement for your dog – will serve you well.

We suggest you wait until after your puppy has all their vaccinations before socialization with other dogs and outdoor walks. This is to prevent them from catching any bacteria or diseases that are common for puppies up until around 5 to 6 months of age. We also suggest that on vet visits, that puppies are held and not placed on the floor outside or inside the vet office to prevent them from catching anything that could harm them!

3. Be Visual & Vocal

Adding onto patience, being present and enthusiastic for your new puppy will make them feel the love from the start! You often see people behave differently when interacting with their pets, and that’s because pets thrive off the visual and vocal cues they get from their owners. Praise them when they do something good.

4. Be Supportive & Have Support on Hand

The key is to be supportive of your new pet on their new journey, but don’t let all of the job fall on you! It is smart to have backup in case life gets in the way of you always being by your dog’s side, so get that support system in tow the moment you decide to bring home your furever friend. Pet sitters are also a resource to consider and can alleviate stressors need be.

5. Be Responsible!

Lastly, responsibility is the most important hack to being a successful dog owner for the first time. This is your new best friend, your confidant, your companion, and they deserve the best home and treatment in the world. Take the job seriously while having so much fun!

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