Raising a Happy & Healthy Goldendoodle

It doesn’t take much to convince us that making a Goldendoodle part of the family is one of the best decisions you can make! As a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, this dog is one of the most intelligent, eager-to-please breeds out there. Long story short, they’re a loving companion who thrives off being happy and healthy. Here are some things to keep in mind while raising a Goldendoodle puppy in your home!

Daily Activity

Once a Goldendoodle is part of the family, physical activity is required in their daily routine! A leisurely morning or afternoon walk, play time indoors to start the zoomies, even swimming… anything to keep their mobility in check is a great start. Also, it’s great quality time with your new best friend! Goldendoodles flourish when around other people (and dogs), so they’re naturally motivated to engage in whatever activity is at their disposal.


Thankfully, Goldendoodles don’t have much shedding for you to worry about. However, they still require grooming and bathing for those days when the swimming and fetch get really crazy! Goldendoodles are popular for their hypoallergenic coats of fur, allowing families that struggle with allergies to have a dog in the household. Give them a weekly comb-through in between baths or grooming appointments, and you’ll be set when it comes to their appearance!


From the start of their life, social interaction and engagement are the most stimulating for a Goldendoodle puppies. Being around their owners and friendly faces provides a sense of comfort and a lead to follow. Spending time with other dogs and animals promotes healthy socialization and community cues. You’ll know your Goldendoodle is in a good environment if they’re calm and cozy, as well as receptive to training and commands.

Most of all, a Goldendoodle’s well-being is determined by the environment they were first brought up in. Here at Goldilock’s Goldendoodles, we know what it takes to raise happy and healthy Goldendoodles for your family to love. Ready to bring yours home? Contact us today to find your perfect match!

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