A Lifetime of Support from Goldilock’s!

Not only do we love keeping in touch with families who have taken home a Goldilock’s puppy, but we love providing a LIFETIME of support for them as well! Not sure which command to train next? Curious about health issues or hypoallergenic concerns? That’s what we’re here for!

How We Help For Your Puppy’s Lifetime

We’ve been in the Goldendoodle business for years and have had many litters come and go home with families after they’ve been under our care! The first eight weeks of a puppy’s life is a very important, formative time to introduce proper health, diet, exercise, and socialization, and this learning carries on until they reach a year old and beyond! Nevertheless, once a puppy goes home with their new owner, the more support to back its development, the better!

We are also available for questions if you are bringing another Goldilock’s Goldendoodle into your home and want to know how to properly bring them into the family unit with an existing dog in the mix! Our Goldendoodles are as hypoallergenic as can be for a dog, so we’re also equipped to answer any questions you may have about living with a pet and with allergies.

What To Look Out For With Your Puppy

As much as we prepare our Goldendoodle puppies for their new owners and families, we are never able to predict what will happen once they go home. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not of some use! Along with sending us the cutest pictures of your companion’s new adventures, there are scenarios where a second opinion will serve you and your puppy well.

If you’re having problems at home with your puppy, such as adapting them to a daily schedule, how to manage their microchip, or any non-urgent health concerns, we are just one text or phone call away! Plus, many concerns are covered in the contract we send home with you and your puppy. Based on voiced concerns, we may recommend visiting the vet if we are not able to properly identify the cause of a problem. We always encourage new owners to keep puppies off the floor of the vet’s office by holding them to avoid contracting illness from other types of pets!

Have any questions about our lifetime guarantee of support? Contact Goldilock’s Goldendoodles today to learn more and to find your next puppy with us!

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